PowerCleanUP v0 1b s60v3 Eng

09 Apr

Sometimes you may feel bored and frustrated with the slowing mobile phone functions. Calm down, everything can now be overcome. What is the problem? … it’s because of the unused files. How come? …
When you try to delete an application, it was not all deleted files from your mobile phone.
Now the applications here are the answers …


Version: v.0.1b;
Developer: ReaL_HarDCore;
Compatibility: os.9.1 – 9.4;
Status: Freeware;
Functionality: Cleans debris;
Language: English
PowerCleanUp – program to clean up the smartphone …
Symbian 9.x
Key features:
” Cleaning the smartphone;
” Data backup;
” Working with the startup;
” Working with memory;
” Info about the system;
” Analysis of the system;
” Uninstalling applications.
Attention! program must sign , or installed on an unlocked smartphone !
The program requires Python v.1.4.5 and ExtraPowerModulePack v.4.50

Download here

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